Web Design Workshop

Foundation Course

The WordPress Web Design foundation course will give you all the knowledge you need to get started with web design. Taking you to a level where you will have the skills to build websites that look and work better than many you may come across.

With experience you will get better, faster and more creative and benefit from the more advanced next level tutorials that concentrate of specific design/development challenges.

IMPORTANT: Buying the fiundation course will give you free access to the currently available next level tutorials, plus any new next level tutorials released in the future.

Foundation Course


unlimited access to the foundation course
other next level tutorials included
access any newly released next level tutorials for free
learn at your own pace
contact us for support if you get stuck

MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: If you sign up for this course and decide it’s not for you after all, providing you have not completed more than the first 5 modules we will give you a full refund.

What’s included?

Module 1.

Domains, Hosting & WordPress Terminology

Covers the essential terminology which you must know and understand in order to work in the industry. The words used may or may not be new to you but this module will give you a deeper understanding of their meaning in relation to what we go on to in subsequent modules.

Module 2.

Hosting, Reseller Accounts & Domain Registration

Learn about hosting sites, reseller accounts and the best way to register and administer domain names for your clients.

Module 3.

WordPress install on the hosting server

Whenever you develop a new site the first thing you are going to have to do is install WordPress on a hosting server. There are several ways to do this but you will learn the best method that I have found which makes it quick, easy and efficient.

Module 4.

WordPress initial setup configuration options

In this module you will learn how to setup WordPress in order to go on and build a new site in the most efficient way.

Module 5.

The WordPress Dashboard

In this module you will learn the essential administrative aspects of WordPress. How to navigate around the admin console / dashboard, learn about things that are sensible to do as part of initial set-up and other things you may have to use as development of the site progresses. Here you will also learn about plugins and widgets. Not sure what they are? I cover this in module 1, and go deeper as the course progresses.

Module 6.

Basic Site build workshop

Basic site build, header, footer and page layout tools.

Part 2 of this module of the course is available for free access to give you a really good sense of what to expect from the rest of the course.

Module 7.

Advanced Site build workshop

Building on what you learn in module 6, here you will learn the more advanced features that will take your designs to the next level where your sites will have the potential to create the ‘wow’ factor when people view the final results.

Module 8.

Adding a blog and content to the footer.

WordPress was built on blogging functionality and many of your clients may request to use the blog. Here we look at setting up the blog and page layout options, as well as covering getting content into the footer area.

Module 9.

Site launch, XML Sitemap & SEO Fundamentals

You have built your site, it’s ready to go live and you are keen to make it so, if nothing else because you want to be paid! In this module you will learn everything about the steps required to make a site live and ensure it stands the best chance of being indexed by the search engines.

Module 10.

Ongoing Maintenance & Support

You have built a site for a client, it’s gone live, they love you, now what? Do not stop there. The site will need to be maintained, you will need to apply software patches to WordPress and any plugins running on the site and you may even be asked by clients to update text and images, perhaps add new pages later. All of this is a great revenue stream, the more clients you get the bigger the annual revenue. In this module we will cover the type of ongoing maintenance and support you might expect to be doing and I will tell you how I deal with update and change requests and how I charge for it.

DISCLAIMER: Technology moves at a pace and the software and techniques covered in this course are likely to get updated and superseded by advances relating to the material. Where these changes would have a significant effect on the information provided we will make every effort to provide additional course material in a timely manner in order to ensure that you are kept fully up to date with anything relating to this course material.