Web Design Workshop

Next Level Tutorials

Next Level Tutorials are shorter more targeted lessons that focus on a particular aspect of web development. They are designed for those who have already worked through the foundation course.

Next Level Tutorials – all included with the foundation course, some for FREE download now.

Contact Forms

Learn how to add a contact form to a page, configure data capture and file upload fields and set the successful submission redirect page.

Cost: included with the foundation course.

Column Control

Learn how to control the way your columns stack when viewed on a mobile device.

Cost: included with the foundation course.

SSL certificates

Learn about the importance of an SSL certificate and how to implement a decent free one.

Cost: FREE

Scaling Blocks Page Layout

Learn how to create an eye catching automatically scaling block page layout.

Cost: FREE

Note: The sound on this tutorial is not great which is why I have made it free. I will probably get to re-recording it sooner or later but for now it’s yours for nothing! Just turn up the volume and it should be fine.